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Tremendous Amounts of Thanks to
All of Meat Beat Manifesto, Past and Present!!!

This site was designed and coded by me, Francesca Migliori.
I invite you to view my Extensive MBM Vinyl Collection!

Jonny Stephens
A large majority of the information in this site was either provided or confirmed by Jonny Stephens... I'm also grateful for his wonderful image submissions which debuted here In the Photo Gallery!

Jonny's wonderful new album Abandon Head, is currently available through Iris Light Records ... Preview Real Audio clips on the Official Fire Escape Site.

Christopher Miller
The amount of work Christopher has done in creating his indepth discographies is immense... His close attention to detail and conciseness make his archives a valuable resource.

Also Special thanks for a large majority of the MBM Flyer Gallery Image Submissions and for selling me a pristine vinyl copy of Satyricon complete with Elektro Static Sticker!!!!

Pietro Da Sacco
Zombie E-List Star Pietro has also contributed his piece, by providing images, inspiration, and other information

Pietro also compiled the MBM Database Archive which provides hours of Pure MBM ABSORBTION!!!

Jon Whitney
Mr. Whitney hosts the Official MBM Website. His site is one of the root foundations of MBM on the net, and is premiere for up to date information as well as MBM sound clips, MBM merchandise, and much much more!

Natira Hammerstrom
In 1994 I had my first net experience... The first search query was for Meat Beat Manifesto (One of my all time favorite bands!, Can you tell?). The first site that came up was a MBM site designed by Gnat. I was in heaven! MBM info and pictures at my finger tips... She was also the first person I ever emailed on the net!

Art Grauer
Art is the creator of the Circular Cosmic Spot... His website provides novels of musical information as well as hosts Pietro's MBM Article Database

Another strong link within the MBM cause!

This Credit List is not completed yet so please check back soon!


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