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Meat Beat Manifesto

Update From Francesca, 2022 :: Cheers To 20+ Years of Existence!! It feels like just yesterday I coded this site in the early days of the internet!! It needs a major update and re-design, but hey a lovely piece of nostalgia!! Have fun checking out the immense amount of MBM history contained within, and make sure to check back for an updated site...!! Peace, Luv, and Dig the Music Kidz.......... - Francesca
My All Time FAVORITE Band! Meat Beat Manifesto, starring Jack Dangers Master of the Beat & Sampling God extraordinaire.

My introduction to Meat Beat began in 1989 by my older brother Jay. I will never forget the moment he played the first song. It was The Original Version of Strap Down. I had never heard anything like it, and was in complete awe.

I researched into more of their music and was equally impressed. It was quite apparent that MBM was ahead of the times. Taking Sound Innovation & Experimentation to the next level. From then on I made it my mission to educate everyone I met on the Beats of the Meat.

Following the many progressions of Meat Beat over the years has been a great musical adventure. Unlike other bands that might lose it, Meat Beat continues to flourish and has produced a large collection of musical wonders, entrancing beats in conjunction with great lyrics, and stellar samples.

It is certain that Jack Dangers is the master mind of MBM, but there is much more to it than that. MBM is a mighty conglomeration made up of many contributing parties over the years. All facets are important in sculpting this special gem of musical ingenuity.

And so in making my contribution, I have created these pages. A tribute to the historical preservation of a band I have been following for over 11 years... A majority of the content here is exclusive to this page... However I strongly urge you to visit the Official MBM Web Site


email: fm@digitalchemist.com

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Meat Beat Manifesto

"Strap down, deploy, re-animator 'cos It doesn't have to be black It doesn't have to be white But all together party people, we can get it right Strap Down, get ready, be refreshed....."

   -- Strap Down -- MBM