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Jonny Stephens, Fire Escape 

J O N N Y     S T E P H E N S     .    F I R E     E S C A P E     .    A B A N D O N     H E A D

Fire Escape,  Abandon Head
You can acquire this wonderful release from:

Jonny's Stephens is now known as the one and only Fire Escape!

His Debut Solo Release Abandon Head is excellent... I must admit Jonny Stephens Musical efforts have pleasantly infiltrated the quietness of my entire neighborhood!

Tracklisting is as follows:
    1: Abandon Head
    2: Biological Liberty
    3: Dreaming I'm Asleep
    4: Getaway People
    5: Earthsick
    6: Wasabi
    7: Goodbye Archetype
    8: The Same Thing
    9: Silky Anteater
    10: Let's All Escape
Visit the Official Fire Escape Website to hear RA previews of Fire Escape, Abandon Head

I was driving home from work a little while back listening to KUCI and the track Biological Liberty came on... It was amazing!!! Jonny's voice sounded wonderful blasting thru the air waves of Orange County... If only the radio can emit such lovely freakquencies all the time!!!

** Check out Jonny Stephen's Discography for in-depth information on his musical contributions **

The   M E A T   B E A T   M A N I F E S T O   Days

Jonny Stephens has served as a key member of MBM, offering his stellar guitar playing, programming, and was even the band tour manager.

He met John Corrigan at a Richard A. Jubilation concert in 1984... "The clothes stood out more than the music but I was impressed by the bass player, who was wearing women's shoes probably from from The Square boutique in Bath. He had an individual percussive style, doing good stuff with his fret hand rather than the corny thumbslapping that was currently in vogue. This was, or would in 3 years be, Jack Dangers."

Jonny Stephens joined the Pre-MBM band Perennial Divide in 1986. The band broke up in 87, and he ended up taking a brief hiatus planning a move to a remote area of Scotland. Fortunately for all of us, he never moved to Scotland, and joined MBM in 1989....
Jonny Stephens

Jonny Stephens
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Jonny Stephens, Fire Escape