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Meat Beat Manifesto, Band Members Past and Present

Jack Dangers Jack Dangers  (Current Band Member)

  Born on January 11, 1965, his real name is John Corrigan. Originally from Swindon, England where he founded his first band Perennial Divide.

  Perennial Divide's breakup leads Jack to start MBM in 1987. He is responsible for vocals, programming, and pretty much all of the music. He has also participated in many Productions, & Collaborations outside of MBM including Consolidated, Disposable Heroes of Hip Hoprisy, Public Enemy, EBN, Globo, Tino and more. As said in the past "In the Beginning there was Jack and Jack had a groove"...

Jonny Stephens Jonny Stephens

   Also from Swindon, was a member of Perennial Divide. Went on sabatical after Perennial Divides break up. Joined MBM in 1989 and has been credited for Guitar, Programming, Tour Manager, and making cups of tea.

   Jonny Stephens Left Meat Beat Manifesto in 1994 to pursue his own solo project, Fire Escape. His debut release Abandon Head is quite excellent! He has also done remixes or production for Schaft, Hayato Mizuta, & more...

Mark Pistel  (Current Band Member)

   Credited for Sound on 99% tour with Consolidated. Also a key figure in Consolidated. As they say "Yo Pistel Activate the Bass"... Has worked on a number of other projects as well, including The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Bass Kittens, and solo debut Pistel which is definitely worth picking up!

   He also substituted for band member Jon Wilson on the Actual Sounds & Voices tour. Currently, Mark is supplying keys, samples, and loops for a project called Ledenhed

Lynn Farmer  (Current Band Member)

  Drummer for "Subliminal Sandwich" tour, also collaborated on "Actual Sounds & Voices".... Currently Lynn is the drummer for a side project called Ledenhed.

Greg Retch Greg Retch

   "A.K.A Colin James. Present for the "birth" of MBM...Arguably co-producer on STS, AAA and all singles up to Dog Star Man."

  While recording the track "Helter Skelter" Colin leaves mid-way unable to afford train fare from London to Swindon. At this point he joins the band Ultramarine. As well as a number of projects he has participated in over the years.

Marcus Adams Pirannah Jones

   A.K.A Marcus Adams. He was friends with guitarist in Perennial Divide and then went to dance college in London. Meat Beat happened and Dangers and Adams became primary collaboraters... He helped in the creation of videos for broadcast and performances with the other dancers.

  Was present from the very beginning, up until the end of the second tour. Meat Beat Manifesto stopped using the dancers in their live show beginning with their third tour (with Consolidated).

Craig Morrison Craig Morrison

   Aided in graphic design for Meat Beat Manifesto release "99%" (The spikey texture). Was in charge of visuals and latex props for live shows during the first two tours. The masks on "Psyche-Out" were also made by Craig as well as the brilliant costumes and sets for "Strap Down" video.

  Still designing under the name Craig Morrison Design. His creations are sold in various stores in the UK & US. I definitely need to get me one of those latex loveseats one of these days!

Richie Evans

  electronic percussionist for 1990 tour. Currently in a band called Slinky.

Phil Steir

   Drummer for 99% tour with Consolidated. Also one of the key figures of Consolidated. Has worked on a number of other projects as well. His most recent musical endeavor is Loop, Cut & Paste Groove Collection.

Simon Collins

  Drummer for 1992,1993 Satyricon tours.

Mike Powell

  MBM Theremin player. Currently collaborated with Jack Dangers & Ben Stokes in the creation of Tino's Breaks Vol 1. & 2. His solo project Bo Square is also scheduled for release within the next couple of months. .

Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson

   Joined MBM on guitar and bass for "Subliminal Sandwich" tour, also collaborated on "It's The Music" single, Actual Sounds & Voices, and much more...
Various Other MBM Team Players

Tarquin Boyeson Sound
Joseph Christophe Dancer
Hugh Crowther Tour Manager/Lighting
Nigel BurgessDancer
Piers Gielgud Dancer
Pete Purdey Merchandise
Richard Banks (Banksy) Dancer
Lane Dunlop Tour Manager (USA)
Bob Henninge Lighting (USA)
Oly Bus Driver (USA)
Marta Steir Merchandise (USA)
Alex Scull Tech/Monitors
Lee Walker Roadie/Tech, also assisted on Subliminal Sandwich LP
Luke Losey Lighting (Ass.)
Mickey Mann Sound
Tim Oberphier Tech (USA)
Josh Roberts Monitors/Sound (USA)
Matt Snowball Driver/Monitors (UK) (EU)
Tracey Woolley Merchandise (USA)
Bob Merchandise (Eu)
Ellen Lefkoff Merchandise (Eu)
Milo Leggett Bus Driver (USA)
Martin Thompson Live show backdrop slides for Satyricon Tours
Steve Double Surplus "SATYRICON" cover photo
Rich Borge Produced the cover artwork for many MBM releases
Ben Stokes Produced many MBM videos
Cathy Cohn of Fastback (MBM's current management)

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