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The purpose of this FAQ file is to serve as a referential listing of all of MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO's live performances. Also included are appearances on radio and television shows, performances during mega-tours and festivals, performances using different aliases, collaborative performances with other musicians, and special non-performance appearances featuring Jack Dangers.

The below listings are as correct as possible, however there are most definitely quite a few discrepancies as well. If you have any further notations, corrections, or additions to any of the entries, please e-mail Christopher Miller directly at:

1987 (4)1988  (0)1989 (28)
1990 (43)1991 (52)1992 (32)
1993 (97)1994  (0)1995  (0)
1996 (61)1997 (1)1998 (37)
Meat Beat Manifesto Tour Archive
Top photo taken by Dave Bellard

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Tremendous thanks for their help and contributions in compiling this list go to:

David Applegate
Pietro Da Sacco
Jon Drukman
Eric Frans
Yukio Hashiguchi
Dolly Lin
Francesca Migliori
Rob (aka DJ Stereotype)
Aron S.
Jonny Stephens
Jason J. Tar
Danny Thierens
Jon Whitney
   Please submit all additions/corrections/suggestions to:
Christopher Miller

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